Troy Landry

Personal Injury Attorney Mesa Office

Troy Landry is a personal injury attorney at Goldberg & Osborne, based in their Mesa office. He and his team handle cases across the East Valley and Mohave County, specializing in providing effective, thorough, and responsive legal representation throughout the entire legal process.

Mr. Landry has strong roots in Arizona, as he was born in Phoenix and grew up in Mesa. He pursued his education at Arizona State University, where he achieved Summa Cum Laude honors and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management. Following this, he returned to ASU for law school and graduated from the Arizona State University’s Armstrong Hall – College of Law in May 1992.

After obtaining his law degree, Mr. Landry worked with the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office from 1993 to 1998. During this time, he represented indigent defendants in a wide range of cases, spanning from misdemeanor traffic offenses to homicide. In 1998, he transitioned to working in the litigation department of an Arizona personal injury firm, where he has assisted numerous clients with their legal matters over the years.

Mr. Landry also served as an Administrative Law Judge from November 2021 until August 2023, marking a unique and notable phase in his legal career.

Beyond his legal pursuits, Troy Landry is a former recreational biathlete and triathlete, indicating a passion for endurance sports. He has also been involved in cycling, running, and both roller and ice hockey. In his free time, he also enjoys weight training.