Brain injuries are often the result of accidents and falls

Traumatic brain injury is often the result of a severe impact to the head. Motor vehicle accidents or falls cause the majority of traumatic brain injuries. While the nature of the trauma may be obvious, there is often a hidden cause of the accident.

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MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS: Whether or not there is any driver error, the vehicle manufacturer may be largely or fully responsible for your brain injury. This is because the manufacturer may have designed or built a vehicle that did not adequately protect its occupants.


  • The vehicle may have rolled over because it was unstable (top heavy)
  • Improper roof, windshield or door design of the vehicle may have allowed too much crush to occur
  • Problems with, or the absence of, seatbelts or airbags in the vehicle may also cause brain injury
  • Defective tires have been known to come apart and cause accidents leading to serious injury

There is also the possibility that the roadway was negligently designed or maintained.

FALLS: Brain injuries may also result from:

  • Falls from ladders
  • Swimming pool diving accidents
  • Falls or crashes involving amusement park rides

Many brain injuries from these types of accidents are the result of poor design or faulty construction by a manufacturer. The manufacturer may be legally responsible for brain injuries suffered by the consumer.

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