Arizona Don’t Text & Drive Scholarship

Dedicated to helping save lives

Goldberg & Osborne is dedicated to helping save lives and prevent injuries caused by drivers being distracted by texting instead of focusing on driving.

To help further spread awareness of this issue in Arizona, we have created a $1,000 Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship to be awarded twice a year to an Arizona resident for college or trade school. If this effort can save even one life while simultaneously helping to further educate our students, it is more than worth the effort we are putting forth.

Mobile phone in handsfree car stand on dash

Don’t Text & Drive Scholarship & Pledge

We invite anyone who lives in the United States and knows someone who lives in Arizona currently attending college or trade school, or getting ready to attend one, to make the pledge not to text and drive. That means you can pledge not to text and drive and enter the scholarship drawing either on your behalf or on behalf of someone else.

To apply, simply complete the required form fields below* and click the ‘Register for Scholarship’ button. If you are applying for the scholarship for yourself, then type your name in both “Full Name” fields. If you are pledging on someone else’s behalf to win the scholarship, then please put their name in the “Scholarship Entrant Full Name” field and fill in their current or intended college or trade school.

The application deadline is 11:45 am Arizona time on August 31, 2024, and the scholarship will be awarded on or before September 15th, 2024, based on Goldberg & Osborne’s random electronic selection of the winner. See the terms and conditions below for full eligibility requirements.

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Recent Scholarship Recipients
Anthony Esparza
Anthony Esparza
University of Phoenix
Amanda Rose Trent
Amanda Rose Trent
Arizona State University
Evanjalees Foster
Evanjalees Foster
Grand Canyon University
Sara Stowers
Sara Stowers
Midwestern University - Glendale
Ryshiel Pratt
Ryshiel Pratt
Western Governors University
Arturo Arce
Arturo Arce
University of Arizona
Nicole Vigliante
Nicole Vigliante
Arizona State University

Frequenty Asked Questions

Who is Goldberg & Osborne?

We are a personal injury law firm with 21 offices spread across the state of Arizona strictly representing Plaintiffs or victims in a legal matter. These matters can range anywhere from car accident injuries to defective devices to mass torts. Learn more about our practice on the About Us page.

While Goldberg & Osborne and our Eagle have become an Arizona institution since the firm was founded in 1989, we also partner with law firms across the United States. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you feel you have a personal injury case and we’ll review your information, and where appropriate, refer it to one of our associated law firms  without costing you a single penny.

Are you really giving away the equivalent of $1,000 2 times a year?

We absolutely are! Our strong belief in spreading distracted driving awareness coupled with the pursuit of higher learning are causes we’re willing to stand behind with pride. 

Why am I allowed to pledge once every month? Isn’t one pledge not to text and drive enough?

We all live busy lives and easily forget things. Reinforcement is a powerful tool to keep ideas top of mind in our experience. That’s why we’re asking scholarship participants to pledge every month regardless of whether they pledged before. The more you pledge, the more you’ll remember the message not to text and drive when the phone dings or rings while you’re at the wheel.

Can I win twice?

The odds of someone being randomly selected to win twice are relatively slim. However, in the unlikely event that did happen, we would select a different winner to be fair to all entrants and spread the joy of winning.

How do I know if I am eligible?

The applicant must be enrolled and attending a college or trade school in the current or upcoming semester to be eligible.

High school seniors are eligible as long as they have accepted enrollment at a college or trade school; however, we cannot distribute the scholarship money until a student ID number has been secured.

What if I haven’t decided what college or trade school I am attending in the upcoming semester?

In the event the applicant has been accepted at multiple colleges or trade schools for the upcoming semester but hasn’t chosen one, simply type “undecided” in the college field on the entry form above. We will then work with the winner to get all the necessary information for the award disbursement once the college or trade school is chosen.

Can I enroll if I do not live in the United States?

For logistical and practical reasons, these scholarships are limited to residents of the Arizona attending a college or trade school located within the United States.

How will the scholarship money be awarded?

After contacting the winner, we will arrange for the scholarship money to be sent directly to the financial aid office of the winner’s school. Let us worry about ensuring the scholarship is applied while the applicants focus on their studies.

Will you change this scholarship again in the future or know when it will end?

To quote a certain famous movie, “the future is not set.” We are always brainstorming new ways to improve this scholarship.

We reserve the right to either continue or terminate this program in our sole discretion.

I absolutely love this cause. How can I help?

We’re flattered! You can help spread distracted driving awareness in any number of ways. Share this page on FacebookTwitter or other social media platforms. Tell your friends and parents about it. Most importantly, be passionate about something you strongly believe in.

Terms, Conditions & Eligibility

Goldberg & Osborne (the firm) reserves the right to modify or cancel any statement in the scholarship descriptions and information as it is listed at without prior notice. The firm accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any changes implemented. By applying for this scholarship for themselves or for another potential recipient, the applicant agrees to all of these Terms and Conditions. The recipient must agree to all of these Terms and Conditions as a condition of winning the scholarship.

It is the sole responsibility of the scholarship applicant and scholarship recipient to become familiar with the scholarship terms, as well as any laws applicable to the applicant.

The applicant must provide their real name when pledging and entering to win the scholarship. If the applicant is submitting the name of another person to win the scholarship, the applicant must also provide that person’s real name at that time. If it is determined the winner’s real name was not provided, Goldberg & Osborne reserves the right to immediately select a new winner.

The applicant (or the recipient in the event the applicant submits another person’s name) must already be accepted and planning to attend, or already attending, a college or institution of higher learning such as a trade school.

The applicant and the recipient must currently reside within the United States and the recipient must reside within Arizona, and the college or institution of higher learning must be located within the United States. This scholarship offer is void where prohibited by law. The recipient is responsible for any applicable federal, state or other taxes. The additional eligibility requirements and conditions described in the Frequently Asked Questions that follow are hereby incorporated into this Terms, Conditions and Eligibility provision.

Applicants and recipients are only eligible to receive the Goldberg & Osborne Don’t Text and Drive scholarship one time


Applying for the Goldberg & Osborne Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship gives the firm the right to publish the winner’s name, educational institution and any additional statements for promotional purposes upon the winner’s acceptance of the terms and conditions. Accepting the Goldberg & Osborne Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship gives the firm the right to publish the recipient’s name, educational institution, and any additional statements for promotional purposes. The firm will keep applicant name and email address on file and reserves the right to send email updates about the scholarship and other law firm updates at any time.

The firm agrees to respect the privacy of the applicant’s email address and phone number as submitted via the entry form. The personal information provided by applicants including name, location and educational institution is collected for the purpose of assessing the candidate’s eligibility to receive a scholarship. This information will not be sold or supplied to any third party for marketing purposes.

Questions or concerns about the Goldberg & Osborne Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship should be directed to the email address: scholarships at Injured in a car accident? Speak to one of our car accident lawyers today. It does not cost you anything to find out if we can help you.