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Arizona Car Accident Statistics

Arizona reported a total of 126,845 motor vehicle crashes in 2016. Of those, 38,544 involved injuries while 962 drivers or passengers were killed. Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division reports that 4,923 car accidents involved alcohol, including 270 of the fatal accidents.

The times of peak risk for being involved in an auto accident are Fridays and Saturdays, according to the 2016 Arizona Crash Facts Summary. More crashes occur in March, though in 2016 the most deadly day on Arizona roads was November 8th. There’s no question that car accidents, or accidents involving trucks and buses result in many serious injuries.

Factors Contributing to Car Accidents and Injury

Most automobile accidents are caused by driver error. If more drivers would reduce their speed and drive less aggressively, there would be fewer accidents. More Arizona accidents are a result of motorists driving too fast for conditions than any other driving violation.

However, there are other factors which may play a part in causing motor vehicle accidents. For example, some vehicles have design flaws, which can cause an accident. A stuck gas accelerator or tendency to roll even when driving appropriately for conditions are just two examples. Poorly designed or manufactured parts or overall vehicle design may lead to an accident or aggravated injuries.

Defective manufacturer-installed parts such as safety belts, brake devices, tires, and other vehicle components have all been implicated as factors in allowing injuries to become more severe than they might have been. While government requirements continue to recognize consumer desire for safer cars, many manufacturers wait until these important safety features are mandatory before implementing them.

For example, when your car is running, some car models require you to hold the brake down before you can select Drive or Reverse. If the vehicle manufacturer has installed this feature, you have the right to expect it to work. People have been killed in car accidents because some automobile manufacturers have left out this safety device.

Likewise, some drivers have had the transmission slip into reverse when their automobile was running in park. A part costing less than $5.00 could have prevented the accident. Similarly, design flaws in seat belts and air bags make car accidents even more catastrophic when these safety devices fail.

Car accidents may also be caused by poor mechanical work. For example, shortly after a tire change, a tire falls off, and the driver loses control of the vehicle. The garage doing the work could be held liable for any property damage or personal injury caused—both to you and any other party.

Finally, motor vehicle accidents may be caused by poorly maintained roads and poor road design. This can include banking the road so centripetal force works against the vehicle, even at speeds that would normally be expected. Failure to keep damaged areas repaired and allowing drains to become blocked so water stands on the road are additional safety hazards. Lack of traffic control measures in areas of high traffic and confusing traffic control signals also contribute to automobile accidents. In all of these examples, governmental entities may be held accountable when serious injury or death occurs due to these factors.

Identifying Your Legal Rights after a Car Accident

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Evaluating all the possible causes of a serious motor vehicle accident is a job for an experienced Arizona car accident attorney. In addition, automobile injury victims may also need a lawyer’s help to find an appropriate medical specialist or to arrange for the specialist to wait for payment until the lawsuit is settled.

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Arizona accident fact source: AZDOT

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