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Phoenix Accident Lawyer Team

Goldberg & Osborne is Arizona’s leading injury law firm and has been fighting to protect the rights of Phoenix personal injury victims just like you since 1989. If you’ve been in an accident and sustained a serious injury in Phoenix, and you found yourself searching for the “best Phoenix personal injury lawyer near me,” then you came to the right place.

Whether you live in the north, south, east, or west part of the city, our experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyers or car accident attorneys at Goldberg & Osborne can help if you or a family member have experienced any of the following:

However, you must act now to protect your rights! In the State of Arizona, there is a period of time in which you may file a lawsuit or you will be unable to seek compensation. It is urgent that you contact a Phoenix personal injury law firm as soon as possible.

Find a Phoenix personal injury lawyer at the Goldberg & Osborne Phoenix office location nearest you. Your call or email will be correctly routed regardless of which office is contacted. Our initial consultation is absolutely free and our attorneys charge no fees or costs until your case is settled or won.

Why Hire a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies are concerned with making money and keeping their insurance rates low. This means they are motivated to give you as little as possible.

If you are in an accident, the other party’s insurance company may attempt to contact you and ask for a statement. They can record your conversation and use your own words against you in court.

The insurance company has expensive representatives such as their adjustors, investigators and attorneys. Before you speak to an insurance company, you need an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer on your side.

Urgent: When handling an accident, most people believe the first thing to do is contact their insurance company. However, as important as it is to file your claim, contact a lawyer first to ensure the protection of your rights!

In order to file your claim in time, you need to contact an attorney quickly! Therefore, we encourage you to contact the Phoenix personal injury lawyer team at Goldberg & Osborne today.

Simply call or text (602) 808-6100, use the live chat on this website, or fill out our email form to begin your free case review. We work at no cost until we settle or win your case!

Why Choose Goldberg & Osborne

The Phoenix car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers of Goldberg & Osborne have been practicing personal injury law for over 25 years. Mark Goldberg and John E. Osborne began practicing law together right here in Arizona in 1989, and new partners Douglas Settel, Page Chancellor Marks, and Marc Kamin are carrying forward what the founding partners began.

Today, this law firm is the biggest personal injury law firm in Arizona. Our local advantage and familiarity with Arizona laws, insurance companies and medical providers provides us with the knowledge and experience to best represent you in an Arizona courtroom. Furthermore, with offices located throughout the valley, our services are convenient for you.

With multiple Certified Specialists in Injury and Wrongful Death across our law firm, Goldberg & Osborne is qualified to handle the simplest or most complex personal injury cases.

Our attorneys will safeguard your rights and get you the compensation you deserve from those responsible for the harm you have endured.

The East Phoenix Goldberg & Osborne office is lead by accident injury attorneys Michael Moldoveanu.

What to Expect When You Contact G&O

It is the policy of Goldberg & Osborne to perform what we call a “Conflict Check” whenever a potential client calls or contacts us. If you reach out by email or other means then we still need to perform this check on the phone.

The purpose of a Conflict Check is to ensure that Goldberg & Osborne is not already representing the other party in your case. This would create a conflict of interest as the same law firm cannot represent the Defendant and the Plaintiff.

Not all personal injury law firms conduct a Conflict Check and subsequently clients are dropped days after their initial correspondence when the conflict discovery is made. This is well documented in online reviews from aggravated injured individuals and why our Conflict Check exists; to ensure this avoidable situation never occurs.

Protect your rights to compensation. Contact Goldberg & Osborne to discuss the details of your accident before you speak with the insurance company.

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  • Our experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer team charges no fees or costs until your case is settled or won!