Whether you are shopping at the mall, or simply taking a walk, there is a possibility that you could experience a slip and fall injury. Not only are such accidents highly unpredictable, they can severely impact your health, causing a great deal of psychological and physical pain, including death. According to the Center for Disease Control, every year thousands of slip and fall injuries prove fatal.

Goldberg & Osborne understands how devastating slip and fall injuries can be, leading to a terrible strain on your well-being as well as dire financial repercussions. Our compassionate and highly experienced slip and fall attorneys vow to take no shortcuts in upholding your rights, and will vigorously pursue damages for your injuries

Our law firm represents slip and fall victims with a variety of injuries, such as:

  • Back injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Broken, chipped, or fractured bones
  • Head injuries
  • Long-term handicaps
  • Loss of sensory abilities
  • Spinal damage
  • Wrongful death

We know how best to protect your rights

Slip and falls in Scottsdale, Arizona can present a variety of legal challenges. Since those responsible for managing property are frequently deny responsibility, slip and fall lawyers are often required to prove what property owners or managers should have known and how they should have rectified the situation. Given the complications such cases pose, you need an experienced injury lawyer if you hope to obtain the compensation you deserve for the pain, suffering and injuries you have suffered.

Goldberg & Osborne is here to assist you. We have helped recover compensation exceeding $2 billion for our clients since 1989. Our lawyers will take every step necessary to make sure your rights are protected, aggressively pursuing damages for your injuries. Assisting you during this difficult time is Goldberg & Osborne’s highest priority.

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If you suffered a slip and fall accident in Scottsdale, Arizona, you must contact Goldberg & Osborne without delay. Making a claim is a highly time-sensitive; our dedicated Scottsdale Slip and Fall lawyers need to begin going over your claim immediately. If you delay, we may be unable to access evidence vital to the success of your case, thereby severely jeopardizing your ability to obtain damages.

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