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The settlement we received was far greater than I expected

When my parents were in an accident, and my father was referred to Marc Kamin at Goldberg & Osborne, I knew we had a lot more to attend to at the time than hiring a lawyer, but we made the call. We started the process of working with Marc, but soon realized there were more pressing issues we had to attend to as a result of the accident and we set the legal proceedings aside. When we finally did return to continue working with G&O we picked up right where we left off and Teresa Fajardo jumped right into managing all of the details of our case, organizing and acquiring information, and keeping us up to date on the state of our case. When I had a question she was always available to talk with me. The settlement we received was far greater than I expected. Thanks to the team at Goldberg & Osborne and their expertise we were able to get a settlement that will allow my father to pick up the pieces and continue his life.

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