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Our North Phoenix personal injury lawyer team is led by attorney Doug Settel who has years of experience working with accident victims in and around the city. If you’ve been in an accident and sustained an injury in North Phoenix, and you found yourself searching for “North Phoenix personal injury lawyers near me,” then you came to the right law firm. You may have a small window of opportunity to claim any compensation or damages you may be entitled to due to the fault of another individual, manufacturer or place of business.

The longer you wait to contact an experienced North Phoenix accident attorney following an accident or injury, the fewer options you may have. How long you have to act depends on a number of factors. Contact Goldberg & Osborne now for a free, no-obligation personal injury consultation.

What You Need to Know

Have you or a loved one suffered injuries caused by the negligence of another person or company in or around North Phoenix or Paradise Valley, Arizona? You may have the right to recover damages for any medical bills, pain and suffering you endured, and your lost wages. With the help of a talented legal team, you may be eligible for compensation if a person or company’s negligence has caused you to experience:

  • a personal injury
  • an assault
  • a catastrophic injury
  • a wrongful death
  • an aircraft injury
  • an auto accident
  • any workplace or construction site accident or injury
  • a brain injury

When you are considering whether or not you should pursue a claim to protect your rights, always remember that the state of Arizona has statutes of limitations limiting how long you have to file a personal injury claim. This is why it is crucial that you act quickly – if you delay, you may lose the ability to pursue a claim against those responsible for your injury.

Goldberg & Osborne: We Fight to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Goldberg & Osborne attorneys have been passionate advocates for injured clients for 23 years. We serve the people who lack the resources and voice to fight for themselves. Our attorneys are eager to become your advocates in your personal injury case. At every step of the process, we keep you informed about how your case is progressing. We thoroughly investigate every possibility to protect your rights.

Goldberg & Osborne has offices located throughout Arizona. Because of our hometown experience, we know how to best represent you in Arizona courtrooms. If you believe your injuries were caused by the negligence of a person or company, contact Goldberg & Osborne today to learn how we can help you successfully navigate the legal system and rebuild your life from your devastating injury.

Hometown Attorneys Fighting for You

Our North Phoenix personal injury attorneys know that an accident causes great emotional and physical stress. Victims face devastating medical costs to treat their injuries and may face long-term or even permanent disability. Our attorneys will safeguard your rights and get you the compensation you deserve from those responsible for the harm you have endured.

Contact a G&O North Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Today

Protect your rights to compensation. Contact Goldberg & Osborne to discuss the details of your accident before you speak with the insurance company.

  • Call us: 1-800-THE-EAGLE (1-800-843-3245)
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Our North Phoenix injury lawyers charge no fees or expenses unless your case is settled or won in a court of law.

What to Expect When You Contact Us

It is the policy of Goldberg & Osborne to perform what we call a “Conflict Check” whenever a potential client calls or contacts us. If you reach out by email or other means then we still need to perform this check on the phone.

The purpose of a Conflict Check is to ensure that Goldberg & Osborne is not already representing the other party in your case. This would create a conflict of interest as the same law firm cannot represent the Defendant and the Plaintiff.

Not all personal injury law firms conduct a Conflict Check and subsequently clients are dropped days after their initial correspondence when the conflict discovery is made. This is well documented in online reviews from aggravated injured individuals and why our Conflict Check exists: to ensure this avoidable situation never occurs.

North Phoenix G&O Office Location

The Goldberg & Osborne North Phoenix and Paradise Valley office is conveniently located just west of Arizona State Route 51, on the south side of East Bell Road.