Goldberg and Osborne: Protecting the rights of spinal cord and traumatic brain injury victims.

Both spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are frequently the result of a sudden, severe impact to the head or body.  In many cases, motor vehicle crashes or slips and falls are to blame for spinal cord or brain injuries.

Motor Vehicle Crashes: Regardless of whether there has been driver error, the vehicle manufacturer may be responsible for your brain or spinal cord injury.  This can occur in a car, SUV, or truck, or on a recreational vehicle such as an ATV.  The vehicle’s manufacturer may have developed a product with faulty components or built a vehicle that did not properly protect the user or occupants.


  • An unstable vehicle rolled over because it was top heavy or design to be unstable
  • The vehicle may inadequate roof design that fails to protect passengers in a rollover.
  • Defective safety equipment such as seat belts or airbags may have performed improperly or not at all at the time of a crash

Slips and Falls: Brain trauma or spinal cord injuries may have also been caused by:

  • Falls from ladders, platforms, or unsafe construction sites
  • Slips on wet floors or improperly maintained stairs, steps, or walkways
  • Foreign substances or loose items left on the floor posing trip hazards

Many injuries that stem from slip or fall accidents are the result of negligent maintenance by a property owner. The negligent property owner can be held legally responsible for any injuries suffered by a slip or fall victim.

Severe trauma to the brain or spinal cord can, in an instant, lead to life-changing injuries or even death.  Some of the more common, severe injuries can include:

  • Paralysis
  • Trembling or Numbness in parts of the body
  • Memory Loss (Short Term and Permanent)
  • Loss of Cognitive Function
  • Loss or Reduction of Motor Skills
  • Coma

Goldberg and Osborne have been helping victims of brain and spinal cord injuries since 1989.

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