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They are a great team!!! I can’t say enough 😁

I highly recommend Goldberg & Osborne! They are very professional and extremely efficient with all documents. I used them this year and am Very Satisfied with how they handled my case. As soon as I called they took my information, someone returned my call within a couple of hours for more information and I spoke to an attorney the same day. Eva Gonzales (legal assistant) was Fantastic in helping me with options to get a lien to a Physical Therapy clinic immediately! She helped through ALL THE LEGAL PROCESS and kept me updated asap. I appreciate that very much since I’ve used other law firms. This is the Best Customer Service, care, and support I’ve received. It’s very important to feel people actually care for your needs and understand what you’re going through. Pain and suffering etc. They will assist you in everything and educate you as well. Tina Ackerson-Mixon also assisted me at the end of my case and was wonderful and efficient! Lisa Kimmel was the Attorney who represented me in the best way and I felt very confident with her experience. As well as to get compensated. They are a Great Team!!! I can’t say enough 😁 They handled my case and took ALL the added stress off of me and they’ll do that for you as well!
Thank you Eva , Tina, and Lisa!!!! 💐

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