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Serving Bullhead City, Arizona and Surrounding Areas

Our Bullhead City personal injury lawyer team led by attorney Michael Moldoveanu has years of experience working as a car accident attorney and injury lawyer with injury victims in and around the city.

If you’ve been in an accident and sustained an injury in Bullhead City, and you found yourself searching for “Bullhead City personal injury lawyers near me,” then you came to the right law firm. You may have a small window of opportunity to claim any compensation or damages you may be entitled to due to the fault of another individual, manufacturer or place of business.

The longer you wait to contact a Bullhead City accident attorney following an accident or injury, the fewer options you may have. How long you have to act depends on a number of factors.

Simply put: We know how to win.

Because our sole focus is personal injury law, when you choose Goldberg & Osborne you have one of the most experienced personal injury legal firms in the Bullhead City area on your side. Our staff is dedicated to representing injured victims and their families and will provide prompt, aggressive, and focused representation.

It is our objective to get you the monetary compensation you deserve to cover lost wages, medical bills, property damage, future losses, and pain and suffering.

Why Goldberg & Osborne?

The personal injury lawyers at Goldberg and Osborne have been representing personal injury victims for over 25 years. In that time, we have recovered well over $2 billion for our clients.

If you have been injured, we strongly advise that you talk with an attorney before speaking with any insurance company. Insurance companies have teams of representatives, including adjustors, investigators, and attorneys, all working together to pay as little as possible on your claim. Anything you say on the phone or via email may be used against you, reducing your compensation or eliminating your claim. Before you speak to an insurance company, you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.

The personal injury attorneys at Goldberg and Osborne will handle your case and contact the insurance company on your behalf. Your information will be used for one purpose: obtaining the financial compensation you need and deserve.

Local Advantage

With an office located directly in Bullhead City and more throughout the state, we know the ins and outs of the Arizona court system. Our personal injury attorneys are highly trained and experienced with Arizona law, and we retain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Compassion and Understanding

Our mission is to treat every client with care and respect, protect your rights, and guide you in your pursuit of justice. The attorneys of Goldberg & Osborne have served thousands of injured Arizona residents, including those in Bullhead City. Our attorneys and office staff will handle the details of your case so that you can concentrate on recovery. By keeping you informed and treating you with the respect your situation deserves, our law offices are here to serve you in the process of seeking justice and compensation.

Contact a G&O Bullhead City Personal Injury Attorney Today

Protect your rights to compensation.  Contact Goldberg & Osborne to discuss the details of your accident before you speak with the insurance company.

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  • Our Bullhead City injury lawyers charge no fees or costs until your case is settled or won!

What to Expect When You Contact Us

It is the policy of Goldberg & Osborne to perform what we call a “Conflict Check” whenever a potential client calls or contacts us. If you reach out by email or other means then we still need to perform this check on the phone.

The purpose of a Conflict Check is to ensure that Goldberg & Osborne is not already representing the other party in your case. This would create a conflict of interest as the same law firm cannot represent the Defendant and the Plaintiff.

Not all personal injury law firms conduct a Conflict Check and subsequently clients are dropped days after their initial correspondence when the conflict discovery is made. This is well documented in online reviews from aggravated injured individuals and why our Conflict Check exists; to ensure this avoidable situation never occurs.