Goldberg & Osborne’s personal injury lawyers will handle your personal injury claim with diligence and professionalism. It is your decision to meet with a lawyer who can advocate for your best interests. The insurance company is not trying to help you achieve justice after an accident in which you have been wronged.

Personal injury lawyers at Goldberg & Osborne have a long-standing history of fighting for clients who have been wronged in personal injury cases. The lawyers from Goldberg & Osborne want to see that you are successful in obtaining the sum of money that you feel you deserve in your case. By meeting with one of our lawyers, you can learn whether it is better to pursue a trial or settle your case outside the court room.

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Promptly hiring one of our lawyers will help you feel more at ease in your personal injury case. There is no need for you to proceed in handling a personal injury case by yourself. Goldberg & Osborne are available to provide you with the guidance and knowledge of laws that govern your case.

Claim the Funds You Deserve

You may be entitled to receive more than one form of damages in your personal injury case. Goldberg & Osborne can help you understand the total amount of damages that you are entitled to receive. You may be eligible to claim damages for pain and suffering as well as medical expenses.

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Goldberg & Osborne has experience handling cases in El Mirage and many other cities in Arizona.

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The attorneys at Goldberg & Osborne will fight for your case and ensure that justice is served for you and your family. You can e-mail a specialist or fill out the convenient online form to begin the process. You may also call us at 1-800-THE-EAGLE (1-800-843-3245). Goldberg & Osborne will take the time to meet with you and create a strategy that will best serve your personal injury case.