Wyoming Man Sues Campground Over Foot Injury

Campground sued over foot injuryA Wyoming man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against a campground, claiming that one of its employees drove a truck over his foot.

Jeremy Pepin was at the Legendary Buffalo Chip campground in 2009 during a motorcycle rally, the Argus Leader reports. He claims that while he was walking through the premises, an employee of the campground drove a pickup truck over his foot. His personal injury lawsuit also alleges that the employee did not honk or attempt to swerve around him.

Pepin seeks unspecified damages from Buffalo Chip for the injury. He claims that the campground did not properly train its employees and had no designated walking spaces on its premises. Due to the incident, Pepin has allegedly incurred thousands of dollars in medical expenses and has had to undergo several medical procedures to repair his foot.

According to the Mayo Clinic, broken or fractured bones in the foot can range in seriousness. A severely broken foot can reportedly require surgeries to install rods, screws, plates and wires into the bone to ensure proper position during the healing process.