Workers Sue Over Molten Metal Injuries

Workers sue over molten metal injuriesTwo workers employed by a Victaulic pipe factory in Pennsylvania have filed a personal injury lawsuit against four companies that they claim are liable for injuries they sustained when a furnace spilled thousands of pounds of molten metal.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Brian Diskin, Roberto Motolese and their wives, according to the Morning Call. Diskin allegedly suffered both burns from the molten metal and other injuries he sustained when he jumped 10 to 15 feet from a platform to escape the spill. Motolese suffered psychological injury from trying to assist another worker who died as a result of the spill, the personal injury lawsuit states, and the two men's wives suffered from loss of consortium due to the incident. They reportedly seek unspecified damages for these traumas from four companies that they claim played a role in the construction and maintenance of the allegedly faulty furnace. The men's employer, Victaulic, is not among the companies named as defendants in the suit. 

The company, founded in 1925, produces pipe joining systems. One of their designs originated prior to World War I and was used for rapid deployment of water to Allied forces during the war. The firm's name is a combination of the words "victory" and "hydraulics."