Woman Sues Tanning Salon Over Burns

Woman sues tanning salon over burnsA Chicago, Illinois woman recently filed a personal injury against a tanning salon, where she claimed she sustained injuries.

The lawsuit states that Stephanie Bercaw went to the Executive Sun Spa in July 2010, the Chicago Sun Times reports. She claims she expressed to one of the tanning salon staff members that she was afraid of getting burned, and that the staff member advised her to use a specific tanning bed for only eight minutes in order to avoid sustaining burns.

Bercaw says she did as she was advised, only to emerge from the tanning bed with several burns on both her legs. These alleged burns led to permanent scarring, the personal injury lawsuit contends.

The plaintiff claims that the Executive Sun Spa failed to properly train its employees and inspect tanning beds for safety; her lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for this alleged negligence.

The tanning salon management told the news source that it plans to contest the lawsuit, and that Bercaw did not have burns on her when she left the premises of the salon.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the full effects of sunburn may be seen as much as 48 hours after exposure. Severe sunburn is reportedly a medical emergency that requires the attention of a doctor.