Woman Sues Over Daughter’s Death in Medevac Crash

Woman Sues Over Daughter's Death in Medevac Crash  A woman whose daughter was killed in the September 2008 Maryland State Police helicopter crash has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), claiming that its air traffic controllers were negligent in guiding the aircraft's pilot to a safe landing.

Ashley Younger, 17, had been in a car accident and was being transported to a hospital by the helicopter, according to the Baltimore Sun. The helicopter crashed, killing Younger and three others. Jordan Wells, a friend of Younger's who was also involved in the car crash, was the only survivor, the Gazette reports.

The National Transportation Safety Board reportedly determined that the main cause of the crash was the pilot's rapid descent and misjudgment of weather conditions, but the FAA's air traffic controllers' performance was also criticized.

Stephanie Younger's personal injury lawsuit claims the controllers were inattentive to the pilot's concerns about the weather conditions and gave him outdated weather information. 

According to the Gazette, several other lawsuits have been filed following the crash. Wells, the only survivor, filed suit in December seeking $50 million in damages. Her leg was reportedly amputated due to injuries she sustained in the crash, and she also named the FAA as a defendant.