Woman Sues NYC Over Mother’s Death During Blizzard

Woman sues NYC over mother's death during blizzardA New York woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the city, claiming that it mishandled a December 2010 blizzard, and that its negligence resulted in her mother's death.

Laura Freeman claims that her 75-year-old mom, Yvonne Freeman, might have survived her heart attack if paramedics arrived to her house more quickly, New York Daily News reports. Freeman claims she tried to reach emergency operators by dialing 911 for 45 minutes, but kept getting a recorded message. Though her mother first started experiencing trouble breathing around 8 A.M., prompting Freeman to call 911, Emergency Medical Service medics only arrived at the house after 11 A.M., by which time Yvonne Freeman had already passed away.

Freeman's personal injury attorney said that the suit accuses various city agencies of negligence in maintaining the roads during the snow storm, the NYPD and FDNY of failing to maintain the 911 system and the city itself of failing to declare a snow emergency during the blizzard. Freeman seeks $20 million in damages in the lawsuit.

According to CBS New York, the woman's suit is the first of many blizzard-related wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits that are expected to be made against the city.