Woman Sues McDonalds Over Broken Toilet

Woman Sues McDonalds Over Broken ToiletThe owner of an Illinois location of the fast-food chain McDonalds has been sued by a woman who claims she sustained injuries due to a broken toilet at the establishment.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Cherry Hardie claims she was seated on a toilet in the restaurant in March of 2010 when the toilet seat detached from the toilet, causing her to fall. She tried to grab a stall wall to catch herself while falling, and in doing so sustained a severe and disabling injury to her left arm and shoulder, the personal injury lawsuit states.

Hardie seeks $30,000 in damages from Phideb Management Services, the owner of the McDonalds location, for allegedly failing to manage the bathroom of the establishment to ensure it was safe, and to place barricades or warnings around it if it was determined that it was not. 

The McDonalds franchisee said that he has not yet been served with the personal injury lawsuit, and said he would not comment on pending litigation, adding that "the safety and security of our customers is a priority," according to WGNTV.