Woman Sues Massachusetts Jail Over Death of Father

A woman claims her father died due to neglect and medical malpractice while being held in a Massachusetts jail.The daughter of an immigrant detainee who died in 2009 has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that jail and infirmary officials at Massachusetts' Suffolk County House of Correction are responsible for the gross negligence and medical malpractice which led to his death, according to the Boston Globe.

The claim seeks unspecified damages in the death of 49-year-old Pedro Tavarez, a Providence shuttle bus driver who was in jail fighting deportation to the Dominican Republic. In the lawsuit, his daughter, Judith Tavarez, alleges that her father died from a massive sepsis infection that the defendants failed to treat, allowing it to spread through his body, reported the newspaper.

"My client lost her dad because our government failed to properly discharge this most basic duty. This is not just a lawsuit, it's a moral outrage," said the lawyer defending Tavarez.

The paper said the lawsuit names Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral, jail superintendent Gerard Horgan, and Prison Health Services, the private company that manages the infirmary.

Sepsis is a condition where the immune system's reaction to an infection may injure body tissues that are far from the original infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. If it goes untreated, sepsis may impair organ function and lead to a fatal drop in blood pressure.