Woman Sentenced After Leaving Baby On Top Of Car

An Arizona woman is on probation after leaving her baby on top of her car and driving away.

A  21-year-old from Phoenix, pleaded guilty to child abuse charges and a misdemeanor DUI in early April. Part of her plea agreement was the avoidance of jail time, instead being given three months of a deferred sentence and 16 years of probation.

According to reports, the woman  had been smoking marijuana with friends before leaving the gathering and putting her five-week-old son on the roof of her car. The boy was in a carrier; the woman was digging in her purse for her keys. When she found them, she entered the vehicle, started the car and drove away, forgetting that she placed her baby on top of the vehicle.

The baby was eventually found in the middle of the road. Miraculously, he was unhurt. However, police say that it all could have ended very differently.

“The car seat was damaged,” confided one officer. “There were scrapes on the car seat, obviously from a fall.”

It is unknown how long the baby coasted on top of the car until high speeds forced him to tumble off and onto the street. The general assumption is at least several miles; the friend’s home was in a residential neighborhood and the baby was found on a highway.

The woman is said to have driven 12 miles before she realized her error. She was arrested when she returned to the scene.