Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Over Hygienic Paper Dispenser

Woman files personal injury suit over allegedly faulty toilet paper dispenserA Michigan woman recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Texas Roadhouse restaurant, claiming that a faulty toilet paper dispenser on the restaurant's premises caused permanent injuries to her hand.

Sheri Schooley claims that she was eating at the restaurant with her husband on New Year's Eve of 2007, according to the Associated Press. When she went to use the restroom, the cover of a toilet paper dispenser fell on her hand, she claims. She initially dismissed her injuries as minor, but later found she was unable to cut her steak or to operate a stapler at her job the next day, according to the lawsuit. She had allegedly sustained a broken bone, and had to quit her job due to her impaired typing ability, she claims.

The restaurant initially tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, but the Michigan Supreme Court upheld Schooley's right to sue in a 4-3 order.

"It is not for this court but rather for a jury to decide if the dispenser that harmed her constituted a dangerous condition," Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly wrote.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the court's three conservative justices dissented, claiming there should be no liability for ordinary accidents like that of Schooley.