Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Bank

Handicapped woman files personal injury lawsuitA Louisiana woman recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase Bank and Trison Contractors following a burn she sustained while trying to enter a Chase bank in Kenner, Louisiana.

Sandra Denapolis is handicapped and uses a wheelchair, according to the Louisiana Record. Her lawsuit alleges that she was trying to enter the Chase Bank branch on a day that Trison Contractors workers were performing repairs and renovations on the property. Denapolis claims that she yelled at the workers to move in order to allow her access to the handicapped ramp.

The workers did so, but allegedly did not warn Denapolis that the handrails along the ramp had recently been welded and were still hot. Her lawsuit states that she grabbed one of these handrails and sustained severe burns as a result, the news provider reports.

Denapolis has requested a jury trial in her personal injury lawsuit, and seeks damages for lost wages, lost benefits, emotional distress and mental anguish. 

She has accused the defendants of failing to properly train their employees, willfully violating relevant laws regarding public accommodation and failing to provide safe access to the building, according to the news source.