Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Allegedly Neglectful Landlord

Woman files personal injury suit against allegedly neglectful landlordA New York woman recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against her landlord, who was allegedly neglectful in maintaining the property, resulting in power outages, sewage leakage and a rodent infestation.

Rosemary Shelton, a disabled mom, enrolled in New York City's Fixed Income Advantage program to attain housing after living in a shelter with a son and granddaughter, the Queens Chronicle reports.
She moved into a property managed by landlord Samantha Zangrillo, who allegedly promised to remedy all problems with the property.

The alleged problems, including a vermin and insect infestation problem, exposed electrical wiring, electrical and heating outages and leaks resulting in mold and mildew, were never fixed by Zangrillo, according to the personal injury lawsuit.

When the Administration for Child Services told Shelton she could not continue to live in the apartment if it had no heating, she temporarily moved to a hotel.

Shelton's apartment was also allegedly flooded with raw sewage, and the toxic substance had leaked into the apartment's water supply, allegedly causing Shelton and her family to contract a stomach illness.

Shelton has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Zangrillo, claiming she and her children suffered "loss, injury and distress" while residing at the apartment.