Woman Files Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Over Husband’s Suicide

Woman files medical malpractice lawsuit over husband's suicideAn Illinois woman recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor, claiming that the doctor's negligence in monitoring her husband's mental condition resulted in his suicide.

Kathleen Baudino claims that Dr. James Corvallis prescribed the antidepressant drug Celexa to her husband, and did not monitor his anxiety levels, mental condition or make any evaluation of his suicide risk, the St. Clair Record reports. She further claims that Corvallis knew of her husband's elevated anxiety levels prior to his 2007 suicide. According to Baudino's medical malpractice lawsuit, her husband had been stressed about the results of blood pressure and cholesterol test results that he was due to hear prior to his suicide.

Corvallis reportedly denies these claims, and had attempted to have Baudino's case dismissed earlier in the proceedings.

Baudino is represented by a medical malpractice attorney and seeks more than $100,000 in damages.

According to WebMD, some patients who take Celexa may experience a worsening of depression symptoms or an increase in suicidal thoughts.