Woman Files Expert Report in Botched Tubal Ligation Lawsuit

Woman files expert report in botched tubal ligation suitA woman who had filed a medical malpractice lawsuit over a botched tubal ligation recently submitted an expert report in the case to substantiate her claims.

According to the Southeast Texas Record, Rekenya Allen filed her medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. William N. Hawkins and Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital in June of this year. Her suit claimed that Hawkins botched the tubal ligation surgery she had requested, and she subsequently got pregnant against her wishes.

Court records reportedly indicate that Allen claims she suffered disfigurement, physical and mental deterioration and incurred medical costs due to the allegedly botched procedure.

The news source reports that Texas Civil Code requires an expert report to be filed by the plaintiff in a medical malpractice case. Allen's expert report was performed by Dr. Alan Moore, who reportedly substantiated Allen's claim. Moore's report stated that Hawkins failed to perform the classic tubal ligation procedure that the plaintiff requested. 

Tubal ligation is a form of permanent birth control that involves cutting, tying or otherwise closing off the fallopian tubes, according to the Mayo Clinic.