Woman Claims McDonald’s Sandwich Contained Glass

Woman Claims McDonald's Sandwich Contained GlassAn Illinois woman seeks at least $600,000 from fast-food chain McDonald's after she allegedly bit into one of their sandwiches and chewed a piece of glass that was inside.

Vjollca Lecaj allegedly bought the spicy McChicken sandwich in August of 2010, NBC Chicago reports. The sandwich contained a piece of glass, she claims, and chewing it caused her to sustain severe and permanent injuries to her mouth. She also experienced a great deal of pain and suffering due to the incident, the personal injury lawsuit states.

Lecaj claims that McDonald's failed to properly inspect the food processing and preparation equipment used to make her sandwich and the sandwich itself to make sure customers would not be injured. For this alleged negligence, she seeks more than $600,000 in damages.

McDonald's has also been the subject of another lawsuit related to the quality of its food recently. In December, a Sacramento, California mother sued the fast food chain over its aggressive marketing of its Happy Meals to young children, thus encouraging them to consume the company's products at a rate that amounts to unhealthy eating behavior, the Los Angeles Times reports.