Woman Claims Doctors Used Unapproved Medical Device on her Son

Woman claims doctors used unapproved medical device on her sonAn Ohio woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a healthcare clinic following her son's death, claiming that the clinic staff used an unapproved medical device on the child.

Dawn McAlpine says that her son, Khalil, was treated by physicians at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 2003 for circulatory problems when he was just 12 days old, according to Fox 8 Cleveland. At the facility, surgeons allegedly performed a procedure to stop the excessive blood flow from the boy's brain to his heart. The procedure involved putting a small dab of glue into a blood vessel near the base of the child's brain, but in Khalil's case, "the device malfunctioned and dispersed glue throughout this baby's brain," McAlpine's medical malpractice attorney said. He added that the boy subsequently suffered stroke and hemorrhaging.

McAlpine claims that the device used in the procedure was not approved for treating infants, and she blames the clinic for allowing the incident to occur. According to the plaintiff, the boy suffered permanent brain damage and lived to 5 years of age before dying of pneumonia allegedly acquired through years of being on a ventilator. 

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation denies the allegations, and states that the boy's death was due to an "extremely rare and severe" underlying medical condition. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, hospitalization is a risk factor for acquiring pneumonia, especially among immunocompromised patients who breathe with the help of a ventilator.