Witnesses chase down crash suspect in Mesa

Police have alleged that Gastelum-Diaz was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of the accident.   The Mesa Police Department recently announced that a drunk driver who allegedly caused a three-car accident this past weekend was apprehended by a motorist who caught the individual and held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived, ABC 15 Arizona reported.

Luis Gastelum-Diaz is facing numerous charges following the incident. The allegations against the Mesa resident include a DUI charge, as witnesses told the authorities that he failed to stop for a red light and crashed into two other cars at 8th Avenue and Stapley Drive, according to the news source.

Five people who were in the two cars that were struck by Gastelum-Diaz had to be transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police said that the suspect fled the scene on foot, but was chased down by a witness with a handgun, ABC 15 reported.

Gastelum-Diaz reportedly punched the witness with the gun in the face following a brief confrontation, and this led the individual to accidentally discharge their weapon in the air. The suspect was eventually returned to the scene of the crime, after being scared by the firing of the weapon, and was held there until the authorities arrived.

Police have alleged that Gastelum-Diaz was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of the accident.

Mesa, Arizona, was also the scene of another accident, as a 23-month-old was hit by a vehicle after he ran across the street, according to the Arizona Republic News.

The child, Hector Villanueva, was struck by a truck near Baseline and Recker roads and was pronounced dead after family members brought him to the Banner Gateway Medical Center.

According to the news source, the driver allegedly never saw Hector before striking him with the truck, as he contends that the child ran in-between parked cars right into the road. The police do not suspect any type of violation to be issued, as the driver was not seen to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was not accused of speeding.

The news source reported that the boy’s mother told police that he had only been missing for a few minutes, and a large group of family members were searching for him when he was struck by the vehicle.