Widow to Receive $3 Million From Two Tobacco Companies

Widow to Receive $3 Million From Two Tobacco CompaniesA Florida woman has recently been awarded $3 million from two tobacco companies, R. J. Reynolds and Philip Morris, which were held responsible for her husband's death of small-cell lung cancer.

Anna Louise Huish will receive $1.5 million from each company, the Gainesville Sun reports. The toxic substances lawsuit was once part of class-action litigation in the state of Florida that encompassed consumers who started smoking before warning labels were placed on cigarette packs, the attorney for the plaintiff explained. He also said that he and his client are happy with the verdict.

"In these cases, the jurors have to take a trip back in time. Now, everybody knows that tobacco companies can't be trusted and that they make products that are addictive and deadly. But for 50 years, they never admitted that. They ran a public relations campaign like no other," the attorney said.

Spokesmen for both tobacco companies say the firms plan to appeal, according to the news source.

Recently, another toxic substances lawsuit against a tobacco company concluded with a verdict in favor of the smoker – Leroy Kirkland was awarded $260,000 in his suit against R. J. Reynolds, Reuters reported.