West Virginia Resident To Sue Dentist For Medical Malpractice

 The individual is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the alleged error on the part of the medical professionals.A Chelyan, West Virginia resident is suing a local dentist for medical malpractice after he claimed that the medical professional was negligent in his work while caring for the individual, according to the West Virginia Record.

Kenneth Ray Atkinson has filed the medical malpractice claim due to the alleged damage that was caused by the alleged lack of care that he received while at the office of dentist Dr. Antoine E. Skaff. The individual is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the alleged error on the part of the medical professionals, reported the news source.

Atkinson had originally gone to the dentist in an effort to fix the severe pain that he had in the lower left side of his mouth, and after several visits to the office the individual had allegedly not been treated for the symptoms, nor was he given any x-rays or prescribed any medications, the Record reported.

Several days after his visits to the office, Atkinson had a seizure and was transported to the hospital where it was determined that the Chelyan man had an abscess in the left side of his brain. The abscess then allegedly spread to the other side of his brain and emergency surgery was then required, reported the news source.

Atkinson is seeking the damages due to the alleged lack of care that he received, which he believes led to the seizures, as the tooth that he was supposed to have removed was allegedly still in his mouth, according to the Record.

Another medical malpractice case has moved forward, as the state Supreme Court in New Jersey has ruled that the case of Robert Buck would be reinstated following a successful appeal, according to the Asbury Park Press.

Robert Buck had brought the suit against Dr. James R. Henry because of an incident that occurred following the Little Egg Harbor resident being prescribed Ambien. After he received the medication the individual had accidentally shot himself in the face, allegedly because of the mental state he was in following taking the drug, reported the news source.

Buck has claimed that the doctor had been negligent in prescribing the medication, as has alleged that he was unaware of the potential side effects of the drug, which allegedly had led him to the discharge of the weapon, the Press reported.