Website Created to Help Arizona Car Accident Victims Receive Proper Medical Help

Website Created to Help Arizona Car Accident Victims Receive Proper Medical HelpOne chiropractic group in Arizona has announced its new website was designed specifically to better serve those who have been injured in car accidents in the Phoenix, Glendale and Mesa areas.

The website was created to provide accident victims with resources on how to find the best chiropractic help in their city that will enable the healing process. The new site features a 3D Spine Simulator, an injury blog and information on neck and back pain and repetitive strain injuries.

Phoenix-area chiropractor Dr. Omid Alyeshmerni says the website will greatly benefit anyone who has suffered an injury in a car accident.

“A car injury is an incredibly traumatic event for the human body,” he said. “Even a minor fender bender at slow speeds can cause whiplash injuries. Our goal with the new website is to help patients learn about all their treatment options. At our injury center, we us non-invasive treatments to not only relieve chronic neck and back pain, but to also help the body heal.”

The Spine Simulator was developed to help patients understand the magnitude a car crash can have on their bodies. The simulator displays how a single herniated disk, an injury that has been linked to a side-impact crash, can pinch nearby nerves in the back. This compression can create radiating pain that can be felt beyond the lower back and into the hips and legs.

“The 3D spine simulator shows patients why our treatments are so effective,” said Alyeshmerni. “We identify the underlying cause for pain. By locating and correcting the source of pain, we not only relieve pain but also help the body heal. Restoring proper alignment helps reduce the risk for future personal injury.”

The website also lists different types of injuries that commonly occur in car accidents, and specific treatment for each.

“Whiplash is one of the most common auto injuries,” Alyeshmerni added.  “A whiplash auto injury can lead to chronic neck pain, migraines and difficulty concentrating. Patients may also experience soreness or stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles.”

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 106,177 accidents across the state in 2010, 33,195 of which led to major injuries. In all crashes, 50,110 people were injured, while 762 people were killed.