Washington Family Files Lawsuit over Contaminated Alcohol Wipes

Washington Family Files Lawsuit over Contaminated Alcohol WipesA family from the Seattle, Washington area has filed a lawsuit against the Triad Group and sister company H&P Industries claiming their young son suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of a bacterial infection stemming from the companies' alcohol wipes.

According to MSNBC, Aaron and Tracey Massey of Kenmore, Washington, claim the contaminated wipes – which have been recalled and named in previous lawsuits – caused their son Myles to contract a rare Bacillus cereus infection after his birth in September 2007.

While Myles now suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot speak or walk, his twin brother Henry has shown no problems to this point, according to the news source.

"It was the only thing they could come up with that was the cause of this poor baby’s infection," the family's cerebral palsy attorney said of the tainted wipes. "It liquefied portions of his brain."

A previous lawsuit filed by a Texas couple against Triad and H&P Industries claimed that the contaminated alcohol pads led to the death of their young child.