Virginia Man Claims Contraceptive Side Effects Caused Wife’s Death

Virginia Man Claims Contraceptive Side Effects Caused Wife's DeathVirginia native Eric Horne recently filed a lawsuit claiming the contraceptive NuvaRing caused his wife's death due to blood clots in her pulmonary arteries, reports the Courthouse News Service.

According to the news provider, Horne claims that manufacturers Organon and Merck were aware that NuvaRing "was associated with more thrombotic [blood clot] events than the pill," yet still marketed the contraceptive as having less side effects than others.

"In actuality, as defendants knew but failed to disclose, the NuvaRing released a continuous stream of hormones (progestin and estrogen) into the body of a user, at a higher level than the pill provided, and more than defendants stated were being released into the bloodstream in its promotional literature," the lawsuit stated.

Horne claims that his wife was admitted to the hospital in May 2009 and ultimately died as a result of a significant blood clot. He is seeking $10 million in damages, the news source said.

NuvaRing is a monthly birth control drug, according to its website.