Utah Resort Sued Over Man’s Drowning Death

Utah Resort Sued Over Man's Drowning DeathThe family of a man who died while practicing diving at a geothermal pool resort in Utah has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the resort.

Minnesota native Patrick Vandam would try to remain underwater for six-minute stretches in the geothermal pool known as The Crater at The Homestead resort, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. He drowned during one such occasion when he was unable to make it back up to the surface after a deep dive, and his family has sued the Homestead and its business partner, The Crater, for allegedly failing to comply with state law and failing to properly supervise Vandam.

According to Deseret News, the personal injury lawsuit alleges that the defendants were given notices on four different occasions to comply with a law that requires lifeguards at geothermal pools. They allegedly employed no such lifeguard, and employees allegedly did not stop Vandam from performing the deep dives despite knowing he was there to do so.

The Tribune reports that the family seeks $75,000 in damages for medical expenses, funeral costs and emotional trauma brought to them by Vandam's death.