Unknown Quality & Safety Leads to Beauty Product Recall

Recently, the FDA issued several safety alerts for popular beauty products in the U.S. The products in the safety alert are Roche Laroscrobine Platinum, Relumins Advanced Glutathione, QAF Pharmaceuticals Inc. Philippines Saluta Glutathione Rx, Tatiomax Reduced Glutathione + Hydrolyzed Collagen, TP Drug Laboratories Vitamin C and Rx Sterile Water for Injection. The products are currently marketed as unapproved drugs throughout the U.S.

Risks Associated with Vitamin C and Collagen Beauty Products

The FDA has noted serious risks that are associated with the Flawless Beauty products because of claims made on their labels. The FDA notes that patients may not seek proper medical treatment that is required for serious illnesses like degenerative brain disease, liver disease scurvy and alcoholic liver disease. In addition, the FDA maintains that there are significant unknown safety risks in the manner that the products are administered. Some of the beauty products may be injected into a vein, and this presents unknown health risks.

Notification to Retailers

Because of the FDA safety alert, Flawless Beauty is pursuing a voluntary recall of its own products. The company is issuing recall letters to its retailers and distributors. The retailers have been instructed to return any products covered under the voluntary recall. Flawless Beauty has issued a voluntary recall for 11 of its own products.

Reporting Adverse Side Effects

Consumers who have experienced adverse side effects as a result of using Flawless Beauty products should file a report with the FDA. The FDA MedWatch Safety Program is currently accepting complaints of Flawless Beauty customers. No known injuries have been reported to the FDA as of the date of this article. Despite the fact that no reports have been filed, consumers should still end all use of the recalled Flawless Beauty products.