Types of Car Accidents in the U.S.

It is estimated that a car accident occurs every five seconds in the United States. There are many types of car accidents that can cause one to become seriously injured or killed. Below are the different types of car accidents in the United States:

Rear-End Accidents

A rear-end accident occurs when a vehicle is hit from behind by another vehicle. This usually occurs when the driver who hits the car does not brake quickly enough. In many cases, rear-end accidents result in a minor fender-bender. However, rear-end accidents can potentially cause serious damage to both of the cars.

Side-Impact Collision

When a vehicle is hit by another vehicle on the side, this is called a side-impact collision. Side-impact collisons also include T-bone collisions. The vast majority of side-impact collisions occur as the result of the driver failing to yield, running a stop sign or skidding out of control.

Head-On Collision

A head-on car collision occurs when a driver either collides with the front of another vehicle or into a stationery object. Guardrails and trees are examples of objects people frequently collide into during a head-on collision. Head-on collisions can occur when a driver falls alseep at the wheel or drives down a one-way street the wrong direction.

Roll-Over Accident

When a car flips on its side or rolls over onto the roof, a roll-over accident has occurred. This type of accident may occur when the driver turns sharply while he or she is speeding. A head-on, rear-end or side impact collision can also cause a roll-over accident, especially in taller vehicles such as SUVs or trucks.

Run-Off Accident

This type of accident occurs when a person runs off the road and often only involves one car. A run-off accident usually occurs when the driver is not paying attention or attempts to swerve in order to avoid missing an animal, person or another vehicle. People who are involved in a run-off accident may run into trees or other objects that are on the side of the road. Guardrails have been installed in order to prevent this type of accident; however, run-off accidents are still fairly common. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states 16.1% of the accidents that occur in the United States are run-off accidents.