Two Severely Injured In Vehicle Collision In West Phoenix

Two people were reportedly injured in a West Phoenix collision. Officials from the Phoenix Police Department said recently that two people were transported to hospitals after they suffered severe injuries in what deputies said was a serious car crash in West Phoenix on Friday, October 21.

Official police reports indicate two cars were involved in the automobile collision, which reportedly occurred near 35th Avenue and Osborn Road at around 3 p.m. ABC15 News reports two vehicles were involved in the crash.

Scott Walker, a spokesperson from the Phoenix Fire Department, affirmed two people were rushed to local hospitals after first-responders assessed their condition on the field. Walker did not reveal their identities, but asserted one victim was a 36-year-old male, while the other was a 35-year-old female.

According to official police reports, a third person was a passenger in one of the cars. That person, however, reportedly refused medical treatment at the scene. Police officials would not comment as to what prompted the automobile collision, but they said they were continuing to investigate the incident.

Video of the collision showed one vehicle sustained a significant amount of damage to its front end; the other vehicle, according to aerial footage, was damaged on its passenger side, potentially suggesting the driver of the one of the vehicles could have slammed into the side of another car.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s 2010 report on motor vehicle crash facts, there were 106,177 total crashes in the state last year. Of that figure, 698 were deemed fatal, representing 0.66 percent of all crashes. Still, 33,195 of the aforementioned crashes resulted in injuries to 50,110 drivers and passengers, according to government data.

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