Trial Over Fatal DC Metro Crash Set For 2012

A personal injury trial regarding a fatal Washington, D.C. metro crash is set to go to trial in 2012.Attorneys are preparing a personal injury lawsuit against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority that will likely go to trial in 2012, according to The Associated Press.

The lawsuit is on behalf those killed or injured during a collision on the DC Metro's red line in 2009 that occurred due to a malfunctioning electronic circuit. The accident killed a train operator and eight passengers.

The AP wrote that multiple lawsuits filed by the families of the victims have been consolidated into one case. The DC Metro and the companies that provided the equipment used by the transit agency are named as defendants in the lawsuit, which is set for trial in February.

Riders who were injured in the crash are seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for medical bills and other expenses, the AP reports, while the families of those who were killed are asking for millions.

The case is expected to take about six weeks if it goes to trial.
A National Transportation Safety Board investigation determined the train operator was not responsible for the incident. Instead, the NTSB found that chronic circuit failures and poor safety regulations likely led to the crash.