Toyota Faces Trial in 2013 Over Unintended Acceleration Claims

Toyota will go to court in 2013 over allegations that some of their vehicles had a defect that caused them to accelerate uncontrollably.Toyota Motor Corp will go to trial in February 2013 to face the first test trial over claims that a defect caused some of the company's vehicles to accelerate uncontrollably, Bloomberg reports.

U.S. District Judge James Selna posted a "tentative order" on his court's website saying the first trial would involve claims by the families of two people killed in a November 2010 collision in Utah. The news source said the victims, Paul Van Alfen and Charlenne Lloyd, died after Alfen's 2008 Toyota Camry crashed into a wall.

Van Alfen's wife and son were also injured in the accident. The families claimed the crash occurred after the vehicle unexpectedly sped up when Van Alfen pulled onto an exit ramp and didn't stop even after he attempted to brake, reported the source.

Selna chose the case out of six different ones submitted by lawyers for both Toyota and the plaintiffs.

"My overriding goal is to ensure that we try the first bellwether case in the first quarter of 2013," Selna said at a hearing, according to the media outlet.

Toyota began recalling their cars in September 2009 after announcing that 3.8 million vehicles possibly had defective floor mats that jammed underneath the accelerator pedal. In January 2010 the company recalled more than 2 million additional models due to sticking gas pedals.