Toxic Chemicals Lawsuit Filed Against Rohm and Haas

Illinois chemical plant allegedly exposed employee to toxic chemicalsKathleen Bates, the widow of a former employee of Illinois-based chemical plant Rohm and Haas, has filed a civil lawsuit against the company, claiming that it knowingly exposed her late husband to toxic chemicals, which allegedly led to his death.

Brian Bates, Kathleen Bates' late husband, died in 2008 of lung and bladder cancer.

The lawsuit alleges that Bates had to work with and around toxic chemicals from 1969 to 2006, the full duration of his employment with the company, the Northwest Herald reports.

The lawsuit further claims that Bates was given contaminated water for showering and drinking by the defendants, and that Bates had "to work with toxic chemical compounds with specific intent to injure him," the news provider reports.

The lawsuit holds the defendant responsible for Bates' death, alleging that the company knew that exposure to these chemicals could lead to cancer.

According to the news source, Rohm and Haas has received several workers' compensation claims in recent years, as well as 32 lawsuits blaming toxic pollution generated by the plant for a number of brain and pituitary tumors.