Three People Hurt in Arizona Rollover Accident

Three People Hurt in Arizona Rollover AccidentThree people suffered injuries in a rollover accident that recently occurred in Glendale, Arizona.

According to ABC affiliate News 15, the northbound lanes of 59th Avenue in north Glendale were closed for nearly 12 hours following the crash, and were reopened only after a long investigation.

Glendale police say the rollover accident involved two vehicles at about 3:30 a.m. at the intersection of 59th Avenue and Deer Valley Road. Spokesman for the Glendale Police Department Brent Coombs stated that both drivers involved in the crash were adult females, with speed presumed to have been a contributing factor in the accident, the media outlet stated.

"It's a scary sound to hear," said Tony Alwin who lives near the intersection and woke up to the loud noise from the crash. "I knew it was a car accident right away."

Officials stated there was one passenger inside one of the cars, and that although all three suffered injuries in the accident, none were said to be life-threatening.

The crash caught the attention of some nearby residents, who stated it is up to the drivers to keep the roadways safe.

"People have to be more aware of the speed limit and the road conditions," said neighbor Ferne Ridley.

Police reports show that the area where the accident occurred lies where a road merges from two lanes to one, at which point both vehicles allegedly failed to either slow down or speed up to let the other into the lane, according to the news source.

"The road is a dangerous road," said Alwin. "People tend to go through it pretty fast."

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 106,177 total crashes across the state in 2010, resulting in 698 fatalities.