Three Children Seriously Injured in Phoenix Car Accident

Three children were severely injured in a car accident in Phoenix. Three children were severely injured after they were involved in an apparent automobile accident in central Phoenix on Saturday, October 8.

KPHO News reports that authorities from the Phoenix Police Department responded to the alleged incident at about 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. Police reports indicate the three children were passengers in a vehicle that was reportedly traveling north on 7th Avenue.

Phoenix police deputies who arrived at the scene affirmed witnesses said a Hyundai vehicle the children were passengers in was apparently struck by a pick-up truck at Missouri Drive.

The Phoenix Fire Department was also called to the scene of the alleged automobile accident, according to a report from the Arizona Public News. Phoenix Fire Department spokesperson Scott McDonald asserted the three children were 8, 7 and 4. He said that following the apparent accident all three children were transported to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where they are reportedly being treated for severe injuries.

McDonald also said that one of the children who was riding the vehicle was reportedly ejected from the automobile.

Police have thus far not released the identities of the three children. They said they are continuing to investigate the alleged accident, but would not comment as to whether they believed alcohol or another toxic substance played a contributing factor in the incident.

The Phoenix Police Department also closed the intersection where the automobile accident took place while their initial investigation was underway.

In 2010, there were more than 106,000 car crashes in the state, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.