Thomson Family Plane Crash Leads to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The families of four out of the five people killed in a plane crash at the Tomson-McDuffie Regional Airport in Georgia have filed wrongful death suits against more than a dozen defendants, including the estate of Vein Guys co-owner, Dr. Steven Roth, who also died in the crash. Survivors of Kim Davidson, Heidi McCorkle, Tiffany Porter and Lisa Volpitto claim negligence by Georgia Power, Southern Company Services, the city of Thomson, McDuffie County, and others.

Crash Information

The crash, which occurred around 8pm on February 20, 2013, when the pilot was attempting to land at Thomson-McDuffie Regional Airport. For unknown reasons, the pilot aborted the landing, sending the plane airborne off the end of the runway and striking a 60-foot-tall utility pole. The left wing was sheared from the plane, which then caught fire, and continued traveling about one-quarter mile through a cluster of trees before it crashed. The pilots, Richard Trammell and Jeremy Hayden, were injured in the crash, but survived their injuries.

Court Documents

According to court documents, the families of the four women allege that the utility pole struck by the plane was too tall, had inappropriate lighting and the transmission lines attached to it were too high. In addition, the suit claims that the city and county should not have allowed trees to be planted in the airport’s “safe zone”. The survivors also claim there are problems with the maintenance and service of the aircraft, owned by The Sky’s The Limit, who were doing business as Executive Shuttle. One of the pilots, Trammell, was the owner of The Sky’s The Limit. In addition to those involved with the utility pole, airport and plane, the suit names Mary Anne Roth, the widow of Dr. Steven Roth, as a defendant as well. The four women who died were employed at Vein Guys, which Dr. Roth co-owned.

Visiting Other Clinics

Reports from Dr. Stephen Davis, a plastic surgeon for a Vein Guys clinic in Nashville said that his brother, Dr. Keith Davis, co-founded the Vein Guys clinics with Dr. Roth, who was based in Augusta. Mr. Roth routinely travelled to other clinics in the region. Tiffany Porter, who had only been working at the clinic for three days prior to the crash, and Heidi McCorkle, the single mother of two young sons, were ultrasound technicians at the clinic, while Lisa Volpitto was an anesthesiologist, and her daughter worked as a nurse anesthetist. Kim Davidson worked as a patient care coordinator and executive assistant to Dr. Roth. She is survived by her husband and two children. The group was returning from visiting the Vein Guys Clinic in Nashville.