Texas Woman Sues Wal-Mart Over Slip and Fall in Tyler Store

Texas Woman Sues Wal-Mart Over Slip and Fall in Tyler StoreA Texas woman who claims she slipped and fell inside a Wal-Mart store last year has sued the retailer for damages.

Debra Wilson says she was shopping in a Tyler Wal-Mart in August of 2010 when she slipped on a liquid substance that had allegedly been spilled on the floor, sustaining serious injury, according to the Southeast Texas Record. As a result of the fall and the injury it allegedly caused, Wilson has incurred medical expenses, become disfigured and impaired, lost wages and earning capacity and experienced physical and mental pain, the personal injury lawsuit states.

Wilson is represented by a personal injury attorney and seeks damages from Wal-Mart for failing to maintain the floor in a safe condition and failing to warn customers of the dangers of liquid or other slippery substances left on the floor.

The news source previously reported that another Texas woman recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Wal-Mart after allegedly falling on liquid that had been spilled on the retailer’s premises in Lewisville.