Texas Woman Sues UTMB Over Arm Implant Device

Texas Woman Sues UTMB Over Arm Implant DeviceA Texas woman who allegedly had surgery to implant a device to heal a fractured bone in her arm has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital that performed the procedure.

Christine Marie Jones says she sustained the humerus fracture along with a broken hip in September 2007 as a result of a car accident, the Southeast Texas Record reports. She said she first sought treatment with Galveston's University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), the defendant in the personal injury lawsuit, but was turned away because of inability to pay.

She then sought care with Galveston County 4C's Clinic, where doctors told her she needed emergency surgery. This surgery was performed at UTMB in 2008, the complaint alleges, but she was told not to return after the procedure because of inability to pay.

Jones says she later experienced pain at the site where UTMB staff implanted the device, which continued into early 2011. She then got an x-ray performed on the arm, which allegedly showed that the fracture had not healed in the time that followed the implantation surgery. Jones accuses UTMB of negligence in implanting the device.

Established in 1891, UTMB Health currently has more than 1,000 faculty and more than 2,500 students, according to its website.