Texas Woman Sues Over Melting Measuring Cup

Texas Woman Sues Over Melting Measuring CupAfter allegedly sustaining severe burns from a measuring cup that had allegedly been incorrectly labeled as "microwave safe," a Texas woman and her husband have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the companies she holds responsible.

Mercedes Kotchev claims she purchased a G & S Metal Products Company EZ Handy Helpers 2 measuring cup from a Family Dollar Stores location last year, the Southeast Texas Record reports. The personal injury lawsuit claims that the cup had a label affixed to it that designated it as "microwave safe."

Kotchev claims this label was incorrect, however – she used the cup to melt soap in the microwave, but when she took out the container to stir the melted soap, the bottom of the cup had melted, too, and caused the heated contents to spill onto her legs, the suit claims. When she sought medical attention, she was allegedly diagnosed with severe burns. She and her husband are represented by a personal injury attorney, and seek damages for her pain, medical expenses, impairment, lost wages, disfigurement, and for his loss of household services and consortium.

According to the G&S website, the EZ Handy Helpers product line is a "comprehensive value-priced quality line of household gadgets and kitchen utensils at popular price points."