Texas Woman Sues Hospital After Husband’s Death

Texas Woman Sues Hospital After Husband's DeathOn Tuesday, August 9, the trial of a Longview, Texas woman's medical malpractice lawsuit began, as the woman was suing the Good Shepherd Health System as well as Cardiologist Rodney L. Henry, the Longview News-Journal reports.

According to the news source, Dr. Henry and a registered nurse from Good Shepherd are listed as defendants in the case. Cindy Mitchell filed the complaint against the healthcare providers after they allegedly failed to provide proper care for her husband, John Wayne Mitchell.

John Mitchell died in June of 2007 at age 38 only three months after Dr. Henry had diagnosed him with congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation, the media outlet stated.

According to the National Library of Medicine, congestive heart failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump the necessary amount of blood to the body. It is regarded as a chronic, long-term condition.

Opening arguments made by the Mitchell's attorney claimed that Henry did not prescribe the appropriate anti-coagulant medicines that, if they had been prescribed, would have allegedly helped prevent the massive stroke that killed him in 2007.

The defense claimed that the medicines that the prosecution spoke of would have required close monitoring from doctors, and that Mitchell did not schedule a follow-up appointment, as is necessary, within 30 days.

According to the American Heart Association, anticoagulants are blood thinners, and must be administered and monitored very closely for effective use.

Mitchell's family, including his widow and his child, seek an undisclosed amount of money for damages for "mental anguish and grief and loss of consortium," as well as various other charges against Henry, nurse Mary Christine Miller, Good Shepherd Medical Center and its extended networks, the media outlet stated.