Texas Supermarket Responds to Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit

Texas Supermarket Responds to Slip-and-Fall LawsuitA Texas supermarket recently filed a certificate of discovery in a slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against it.

The H.E.B. store in Port Arthur, Texas, was sued by Florence Brown over a May 2009 incident, according to the Southeast Texas Record. Brown claims that during her visit to the store, she "slipped in what she later learned to be water."

The slip-and-fall lawsuit contends that Brown had no way of knowing that there was water on the floor because H.E.B. did not put up warning signs. In addition, the 63-year-old also claims that the store was negligent for failing to keep the store's aisles dry.

The market filed the certificate of discovery in response to the lawsuit, which alerted Brown to the fact that it had responded to her first round of inquiries, according to the news provider.

Many older people such as Brown, who has hired a personal injury lawyer, endure falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency rooms in the U.S. treated 2.2 million elderly people for nonfatal falls in 2009.