Texas Residents Sue Conagra Over Tainted Peanut Butter

Texas residents sue over allegedly tainted peanut butterSeveral Galveston County, Texas residents have filed a toxic substances lawsuit against Conagra Foods, claiming that the company sold them tainted peanut butter.

Plaintiffs Jimmy Spurlock, Linda Spurlock, Alan Funkhouser and his daughter Talia Dae Funkhouser all claim to have consumed the Peter Pan brand peanut butter between December 2006 and January 2007, according to the Southeast Texas Record. All the defendants then became ill because of the allegedly tainted product, and each of them claims that he or she experienced physical pain, suffering and impairment. One of the defendants also claimed she lost wages due to impairment she suffered after consuming the spread.

Conagra is accused of delivering goods to the plaintiffs that were "unfit for human consumption," and therefore violating an implied warranty that the food the company was selling was safe and edible. The defendants seek unspecified monetary damages in their toxic substances lawsuit.

Several weeks ago, a Texas couple also sued Conagra over Peter Pan peanut butter consumed in November 2006. That toxic substances lawsuit claimed that the man exhibited classic symptoms of salmonella infection after consuming the product.