Texas Man Files Toxic Substance Lawsuit Over Nickel Exposure

Man files lawsuit over allegedly toxic exposureA Humble, Texas man recently filed a toxic substances lawsuit against the company that owned a building in which he was allegedly exposed to nickel.

Dean McNeely claims that he was an employee of Jakal Motor Sports working in a building owned by the company ProLogis, Ultimate Clear Lake reports. His toxic substances lawsuit claims that ProLogis had allowed the toxic metal nickel to accumulate in the warehouse and be distributed throughout the building via the ventilation system. Several employees allegedly complained about the nickel exposure to ProLogis, but the company allegedly did nothing to remedy the situation.

McNeely was allegedly injured due to the toxicity in the air, and seeks damages for medical expenses, physical and mental pain and suffering and loss of wages, according to the news source.

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, heavy metal poisoning consists of the accumulation of heavy metals in toxic amounts in the soft tissues of the human body. Though many metals like zinc and copper are necessary in small amounts for proper bodily function, high concentrations of many metals can reportedly cause serious damage to the body.